OPPORTUNITY NORTH EAST and Scottish Enterprise – SME Decommissioning programme

Opportunity North East (ONE) and Scottish Enterprise (SE) have jointly developed a programme to assist the oil and gas supply chain maximise emerging opportunities within offshore decommissioning.  The programme identifies direct project opportunities with sponsor operators and enables the supply chain to propose solutions in response to the industry challenges.

Pipeline Bundle Decommissioning

The current challenge is Pipeline Bundle Decommissioning. For the purposes of this programme, a pipeline bundle is defined as multi-service pipelines installed by floating tow, of various sizes, weights and lengths.

ONE and SE are seeking propositions from companies with business and technical solutions applicable to pipeline bundle decommissioning on behalf of operator sponsors, including Spirit Energy.  The aim is to identify efficient ways to decommission pipeline bundles, with a focus on cost and safety risk in an environmentally responsible manner.

Submitted propositions will be received and reviewed in confidence against key criteria by an industry panel, with successful applicants going forward to pitch their solutions to the operator sponsors.  Support will be provided to selected organisations throughout the process, including one-to-one support to build the business case and to develop the operator pitch as well as targeted business support.

The programme seeks to give successful applicants a range of benefits including access to, and feedback from, end-user operators, improved understanding of operator needs, improved business cases and business development support.  Operator sponsors will gain access to targeted solutions focused on their operational challenges and may potentially pursue further dialogue with selected applicants.

What We Are Looking For

On behalf of the operator sponsors, the programme objective is to seek innovative propositions, on an individual or collaborative basis, using economies of scale and applied technical or commercial approaches to efficiently address the pipeline bundle decommissioning scope and reduce overall cost. These propositions may cover:

  • Total removal by various methods
  • Make safe to users of the sea and decommission pipeline in-situ, for example by burying

Some propositions may highlight an intent to find a partner(s) to provide a complete solution.  This dialogue will be encouraged and, if required, facilitated by ONE to create those alliances.

Please see the full opportunity document for further details and how to apply.

ONE SE Pipeline Bundle Decommissioning Opportunity 090718

How to Apply

After reviewing the opportunity, companies are invited to complete the proposal submission form on page 4 of the opportunity document.

Completed applications should be submitted to decom@opportunitynortheast.com by 17:00 BST on 22 August 2018.

A confirmation email will confirm submission receipt.

Any questions on the programme or application process should be addressed to decom@opportunitynortheast.com

The UKCS decommissioning challenge is significant and will span across several decades.  It must be carried out safely and with care to protect the environment.  Estimates of scope, complexity and cost vary, but there are over 250 fixed installations, over 250 subsea production systems, over 3,000 pipelines and approximately 3,650 wells to be decommissioned.

In accordance with the principles of MER UK (Maximise Economic Recovery), there is a need to significantly reduce decommissioning costs through increased efficiency and, more importantly, industry transformation.

*Source: Oil & Gas Authority

Our ambition is that north east Scotland remains a major economic driver for Scotland and the UK